Travel is my passion, to be sure. But I do write on other subjects, with an emphasis on the arts, books, film (less so of late), and science. This portfolio presents a selection of recent articles, columns and reviews on a wide variety of subjects, including some book reviews that touch on travel and a selection of travel pieces written after the completion of my book Why Travel?

Of course, writing about books means writing on just about anything under the sun. I prefer to showcase full-length reviews, so my 100-plus critiques for Kirkus Reviews are not included, due to their brevity, though selected author interviews for its online and print publications are.

Together, these pieces constitute a representative sampling of my work over the past five years (2016-2020), though not necessarily the best of the best.

Articles, Columns and Q&As

Ranky Tanky Music

David Boatwright

Canyonlands Ramble

Yuriy Bekker

Beverly Gray

The Pat Conroy Literary Center

Palmetto Hands

The Colour of Music

Pure Theatre

“Porgy and Bess”

Brian Hicks

Hector Qirko

Chamber Music Charleston

Travel Articles

The Coastal Paths of Cornwall and Wales


West Palm Beach

Rhode Island Ramble

Cape Cod

Banff and Environs

Book Reviews

“Seduced by Mrs. Robinson” by Beverly Gray

“Feel Free” by Zadie Smith

“The Wine Lover's Daughter” by Anne Fadiman

“To the New Owners” by Madeleine Blais

“The Unnatural World” by David Biello

“The Sensational Past” by Carolyn Purnell

“Senior Moments” by Willard Spiegelman

“The Food and Wine of France” by Edward Behr

“Voyager” by Russell Banks

“Keeping and Eye Open: Essays on Art” by Julian Barnes

And one from a few years back, to have some fiction …

“I Hate to Leave This Beautiful Place” by Howard Norman

The Art of Travel


Recently Published Work